Brad French: Photography

Brad is an architectural/interior designer by trade. A University of Cincinnati graduate, with a masterโ€™s degree in architecture. He’s worked on many architectural projects for the last 15 years, including healthcare, residential, and commercial. Brad also owns ‘Brad French Studios’. He works on residential projects, hospitality project, and 3d renderings/animation. ย Among these projects, Bradley has designed straight and gay bars in Lincoln Park, Boystown, and Andersonville. These projects include Lark, Hydrate, Replay Andersonville/Lakeview, Seven, Meat and various others.

“My other love is photography, parkour, and urban exploring. ย I love abandoned places. I have explored over 15 sites such as churches, factories, and power plants. ย This interest led me starting two businesses, drone photography/cinematography and fitness/fashion photography. ย Iโ€™ve put together my love for design, urban exploring, photography, and cinematography to make a business that I truly love.”


Brad French Recently did some 2019 Promo Shots for Lee Gonzalezย 




Brad is Chicago Based. You can visit his social media listed on his price sheet and visit his websiteย HEREย  ๐Ÿ“ธย 




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